Legal Video

CLVS Certifed Videographers

A videotaped deposition communicates facial expressions and vocal inflections clearly to a jury. Our videos have shown that changes in tone can completely alter what the witness seems to be saying.

Video Depositions

Video Depositions

Create a visual record of the deposition then sync the video to the testimony using TrialDirector software.

Day In The Life Videos

Sentencing Videos

A concise, direct, personal interview with the defendant, friends and family members that enables the judge to see your client in the best possible light.

Mediation Videos

Mediation and Settlement

Our news documentary experience creates high quality Settlement, Mediation and Day-In-The-Life videos designed to emphasize the value of your case.

We are CLVS Certified

Certified video specialists for attorney mediation and video depositions in Greenvile, SC.

We have 4 videographers certified by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) in legal depositions. All have a broadcast video production background and under go continuing education classes to keep their Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) certification.

We are CLVS Certified
We Sync Your Video to the Written Testimony

We Make Your Trial Preparation Easy

Video depositions are captured on tape and DVD simultaneously to ensure capture. The videos can be delivered to you in whatever file format you desire on DVD or CD and can be synchronized to the written testimony making trial preparation an ease.

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Three Point Oh! will work with you to capture, prepare, and present evidence that makes a powerful statement to help you win cases. Whether you need a video deposition, a Day in the Life video or expert assistance preparing and presenting visual evidence for trial or arbitration, we can bring your evidence to life to help keep the jury's, judge's or mediator's attention.

Get the Reaction You Want

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