What’s the Oh! Zone

A little about the company…

Three Point Oh! opened its doors in 1989 as a full service video production company.  Our main focus is shooting video, and that’s what we we’re good at.  Since then, the company has grown drastically while adding web design, multi-media authoring, 3D modeling, and many other services.  For a full list of our services, you can see the breakdown on our video production website.  It’s truly hard to say everything that we do, and this is how the Oh! Zone was born.  Oh! you do video…yep in HD!  Oh! you do websites…absolutely and built from scratch! Oh! you do court depositions…yes with four NCRA certified videographers!  Oh! you do (insert service)…yes!  It’s always worth a call (864-467-1056), and we rarely say no we don’t or we can’t.

“We provide when it counts the most”

The exciting part about being a part of a video production company is that you really don’t know what the next project brings.  We have shot video for The Maury Povich Show, America’s Most Wanted, ESPN, CNN, CBS, Fox News, and so many more.  Just a few months ago we were the live feed for the President of the United States Speech in North Carolina (POTUS Feed).  We have to be able to adapt to any situation because 9 times out of 10 you don’t get a second chance with video.

A little about me…

As promised I will formally introduce myself.  My name is Christopher Marks, and I have been affiliated with Three Point Oh my whole life.  That’s right…owner and senior videographer, Jack Marks, is my dad!  Since I graduated from college, I have taken over the web and graphics department at the company.  I do a combination of web, logo, and print design.  I’m also an animator creating 3D Models, 3D Logos, and photo-realistic renders (this is where my degree in architecture is useful).

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