5 Things NOT To Do When Designing a Website

1. Do Not Hide Text On Your Site In the past, you could get away with making certain text the same color as the background of your site and load it with content rich information for search engines. Bet you can’t read the next line without highlighting it! This will get you into trouble with… Read More

Top 10 Tips for Being on Camera

If you have a video interview, presentation, or other event coming up, here are some industry tips on what NOT to do while on camera. Do NOT chew gum (people tend to look as though they are in a pasture grazing) Don’t look away immediately after you finish your lines Don’t stop just because you… Read More

Markee Magazine’s Southeast Success Stories

Three Point Oh! Inc. was chosen by Markee Magazine as one of the top video production companies in the southeast. Other companies highlighted in the article range from all over the south, including Asheville, N.C., Richmond V.A., Atlanta, and many more. Markee Magazine has recently re-launched their publication under Lionheart Publishing with a focus on… Read More

“How To…” Get YouTube Video on My Website

How can I get my YouTube videos to play on my website? This question seems to always come up when I am designing a website. A quick Google search for “videos on website,” gives you a multitude of articles and with really no clear direction to start. One of my biggest pet peeves from reading… Read More

Plunging into SEO

Why is SEO So Overwhelming? Several months ago, I took over our companies website and decided to re-design everything (a massive undertaking I realize now). While the design went through many renditions, I finally arrived at a design that functions nicely and is aesthetically pleasing. You can see for yourself at the Three Point Oh!… Read More

What’s the Oh! Zone

A little about the company… Three Point Oh! opened its doors in 1989 as a full service video production company.  Our main focus is shooting video, and that’s what we we’re good at.  Since then, the company has grown drastically while adding web design, multi-media authoring, 3D modeling, and many other services.  For a full… Read More

Behind the Scenes of Hollywood Video Productions

How Does Hollywood Do It? Last weekend, I caught the movie Hancock on FX, and it was a special that showed behind the scenes of how they made the movie.  I am extremely intrigued by specials like these, because I’m constantly wondering how they do some of the effects.  They actually animate the whole thing… Read More