Top 10 Tips for Being on Camera

If you have a video interview, presentation, or other event coming up, here are some industry tips on what NOT to do while on camera.

  1. Do NOT chew gum (people tend to look as though they are in a pasture grazing)
  2. Don’t look away immediately after you finish your lines
  3. Don’t stop just because you fumbled one word (we have the power of editing!)
  4. Don’t talk like Ben Stein giving an economic lesson (no offense Mr. Stein)


    Film is a cold medium…be over the top with your emotion!

  5. Don’t wear a pin striped shirt or one that has intricate designs…NIGHTMARE for creating moray patterns. For example look through two pieces of patio screen, then move one piece in front of the other. You will see several patterns or “morays” being generated. You don’t want to look like you are buzzing on camera.
  6. Just like in public speaking, try not to sway too much. You aren’t at sea!
  7. Don’t talk faster just because we turned the red light on. Leave your nerves at the door!
  8. Don’t run away after your are done…more than likely you are still connected to something.
  9. Don’t have your phone on…vibrate doesn’t count! (it can distract you and we will hear the hum)
  10. Lastly don’t wind up in the “fig leaf” stance. Feel free to use your hands to gesture. You don’t want to look like these two body guards

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